Product Sorting Parameters for Search Results

OrderDe follows fair and straightforward criterion for sorting search results that are displayed to buyers on the ONDC B2B Network. Sellers must meet these criteria to make their product listing visible on OrderDe - SignCatch's B2B Buyer App

Sorting Parameters

Distance from Seller:

OrderDe takes into account the proximity of sellers and buyers (from nearest to farthest) across all the product categories for faster fulfilment.

Shop By Categories

List of sellers is shown on the basis of relevant product categories provided as per the ONDC Protocol (specific set of categories enabled by ONDC)

Other Parameters that affect visibility of Sellers' products

Catalog Minimum Standards:

OrderDe rejects products that do not meet the ONDC protocol specification. Products must meet the following criterion

-The product must have all the required fields as defined in the current ONDC protocol specification.
-Product name must include the brand name, actual name and size of the product as partof the overall name e.g. Chaiom Digestive Green Tea 100gm loose tea
-Each product must have relevant short and full description
-The product must have valid level1 and level2 categories as per the ONDC protocol taxonomy.
-The product must have four images (front, back, left & right Side) that describes the product. The images should have minimum resolution of 500px x 500px.
-Volumetric Pricing to be shown for all the products that have multiple price slab.

Sponsored Results

OrderDe might show certain sponsored products or sellers along with the search results. In such cases, OrderDe will clearly differentiate the sponsored products from the organic results.

If you believe that your brand meets all the aforementioned criteria, but is not being displayed in the expected order, we encourage you to reach out to us for assistance. Please contact us at 011-43099716 or write to us at regarding the issue you are experiencing. We will be happy to assist and address any concerns you may have to ensure a fair and optimal experience on OrderDe.

Version: 1.1
Last Updated Date: Sep 15, 2023