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Help can come from anywhere. Reaching out was never simpler

People do care for their society but are unable to make quantitative contribution due to complex methods for making a donation. This leads of donation campaigns not being successful.


Allow your customers to pay using their smartphone

When someone is touched by one of your campaign message, goodwill rises within them and their impulse compels them to give. This impulse does not last forever.

By making the process of giving as simple and as instant as possible, you will enhance conversions. The longer it takes people to complete a donation, the higher the likelihood they will get distracted or lose interest. The impulse feeling would have vanished.

Customers scan the QR code on their bill with the Zapper app

You have spent the time optimizing your campaign so it's just right; the graphics, the tone, the call to action, the database. Your entire marketing effort is geared towards reaching people and inspiring them to give.

Why drop the ball on the final and most important step of the process - capturing the donation?

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SignCatch has a smart fundraising solution to create successful fundraising campaigns by allowing people to act immediately and donate instantly - reducing the drop-off rate and expand fund collections. It takes just seconds for someone to make a payment.

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SignCatch includes an online dashboard and a CRM platform that allows you to select the features you need, monitor online business activity and settle payments easily. You'll have a crystal clear and deep insight into every business activity. Last-mile analytics tracking

Through our knowledge repository and ancillary services we will keep you up-to- date and well aware with all the latest information on new products, features, technologies and use cases.

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